Scientific Journal of the BirdLife Hungary

A Magyar Madártani és Természetvédelmi Egyesület tudományos folyóirata

Ornis Hungarica. vol.10. (2000) p.171-176.

Autumn migration and wintering of the Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes) in different habitats of the Carpathian Basin
Kováts László, Csörgő Tibor és Palkó Sándor

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The migration and overwintering of the Wren was investigated at Ócsa, and Fenékpuszta, central and SW Hungary, respectively, between 1991-1996. The vegetation at Ócsa is a heterogenous marsh with dense reedbed, while at Fenékpuszta there is a homogenous reedbed at the edge of Lake Balaton. The birds were caught in mist nets and ringed with individually numbered rings. The birds' wing length and body mass was measured and their fat reserve was assessed. In both study areas, the autumn migration was unimodal. Based on the time spent in the area, however, two different groups were identified. Individuals of the first group, which arrived in the first half of the migration period had shorter stopover than those in the second group. More birds overwintered from the second than the first group. The autumn migration generally started 3 weeks earlier at Ócsa than Fenékpuszta. More birds were overwintering at Ócsa, which had similar wing length distribution, but heavier body mass than those at Fenékpuszta. More Vkens were caught at Fenékpuszta, but the area was not suitable for a longer stay