Scientific Journal of the BirdLife Hungary

A Magyar Madártani és Természetvédelmi Egyesület tudományos folyóirata

Ornis Hungarica. vol.31(1). (2023) p.202-204.

First record of Brown-necked Raven Corvus ruficollis in Lebanon, 2022
Michel Sawan

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The Brown-necked Raven (Corvus ruficollis) has an extremely large distribution range in Africa and Asia, including the Middle East. The species primary live in deserts and semi-deserts, however its urban population is also increasing. In this paper, I reported the first record of the species for Lebanon. On 8th February 2022, I have seen an individual on the seaside coast near the harbor in Tripoli, North Lebanon. After I took photos of the bird, several ornithologist confirmed my correct identification. The nearest country where it was recorded before is Palestine.